Become a Vendor at IPAHW!

International Puppy and Handler Weekend (IPAHW) wants you to be vendor during our weekend.  Vendors will be in the same room as where everything happens including both contests.  We will be taking over the Annex at JJ’s Clubhouse & Bar and at night the Annex is locked so there is no worry about taking down your booth.  We do suggest that you might want to cover your booth space at night.

Vendor Fee is either $50.00 or a Gift Basket worth $50.00.  Gift Baskets will be either Live Auctioned or Silent Auctioned during the weekend.
A 10×10 foot space is $50.00 or a Gift Basket, 10×20 foot is $100.00 or 1 $100.00 valued Gift Baskets or 2 $50.00 Gift Baskets
Tables and chairs are the responsibility of the vendor, if you need tables please inquire before June 1, 2018 there is a $25.00 per Table and $5.00 per
Chair.  Neither IPAHW or JJ’s Clubhouse are responsible for WIFI connection, it is the vendors responsibility to ensure that they can process credit
Cards if taken.

Vendors receive a free full page advertisement 5″x8″ full color and you must email your Logo to go on the rotating ads on the top of our website. Please
email to ensure we get your logo on our site for a full year.

Please download the Vendor Agreement and mail it back to International Puppy LLC and make your check out to International Puppy LLC or if you
decide to go with Gift Basket(s) please mark on your application that you will be going this route.

Vendor Agreement Contract