The Original 8 toys


SquarePeg Toys leads the way in innovation with dildos, sounds & sex toys created specifically for fetish play. Made in the USA from platinum-grade silicone.

An innovation leader beginning in 1997, SquarePeg was the first to produce large silicone toys targeted directly at fetish anal play in a market dominated by vinyl. Several other firsts have followed over the years.

Each shape begins as a unique, hand-sculpted model inspired from imagination with an eye towards what would make for great hole play. Some models can be inspired by similar desires for a certain shape expressed by different people, a few were sculpted entirely by buds of mine in studio and a few others come from friends’ specific directions in length, height, girth with me left to do the designing.

  • First to develop silicone toys targeted at fetish anal play.
  • First to create a wagging puppy tail in silicone.
  • First to develop flexible sounds in silicone.
  • First to create line of specialized urethral toys where none had existed before.
  • First to introduce a SuperSoft silicone formula to the market.
  • First to create a Colon Snake for depth exploration.


Link to website: http://www.squarepegtoys.com