COVERING THE…BASICS: The IPAHW Guide for the What, Where, and When for Gear

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to review the rules of attire throughout the weekend at the hotel. It is our pleasure to be working with the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel this year. We want to create a memorable and pawesome experience for not only ourselves, but for the hotel staff and guests. We want to represent our community in a fun positive way and exemplify our inclusivity.

So to review the important attire rules:

No hoods or tails in common spaces, including the pool

No insertables in common spaces

No sexually explicit attire/gear in common spaces (harnesses, just a jockstrap, things that purposely draw attention to genital, no assless chaps, etc..)

No purposely loud barking or howling in common space

**Note: As you know we are not the only guests at the hotel. After a thorough review of the space where the pool is and its open location in the main lobby area, we decided with the hotel staff that it would be best to save the doggie paddling in your hoods in your private hotel tub 😉

– Ballrooms/IPAHW exclusive areas – Just cover the fuzzy bits (and nipples for the women and female identified folx). IPAHW will provide a clothing check.

– JJs – Gear welcome, but a 1″ cover for exposed backsides is required.

– Any location not listed above is out in muggle-dom.

-IPAHW Board & IPC/IPTC Organization