What is the age restriction for IPAHW weekend?

IPAHW is a 18+ event weekend. The contest and events will primarily be held at the hotel which allows an 18+ attendance. There will be a bar crawl and meet and greet during the weekend at JJ’s which will require a 21+ age restriction.

Why does International Puppy and Handler Weekend (IPAH-Weekend) event cost $30 for registration?

As you may have noticed, IPAH-Weekend is charging a $30 dollar registration fee. This was not a decision that was made lightly. Ultimately, the charge is a reflection of the sustainability of what we are attempting to accomplish. The fact is that it is very expensive to put on an event weekend like this. As much as we rely on the goodness of our volunteers, partners, and venues there are still consumable, measurable expenses that need to be covered. In order to have classes, we need supplies: easels, markers, tables, chairs, pens, paper, and hopefully a small gift for the presenter…since they are volunteering their time. In order to have activities we need mosh mats, toys, first aid kits, balls for ballpits, obstacles for the obstacle course, water for the puppies. In order to have a contest we need lighting and judge’s binders and let’s not forget the judges! They are volunteering their time, but someone has to pay for their accommodations and food.
The list could go on and on. The point is that, in order for this weekend to be sustainable, we had to find a way to pay for it. We looked at other event weekends and found that $30 was incredibly reasonable as compared to others.
We know that no one likes to have to spend extra money, but we hope that you understand the reasons for the changes. Also, for those who can’t afford the $30, there are volunteer opportunities that offset the cost.

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