Below is the official schedule for IPAHW weekend!!

IPAHW 2018 Final Schedule copy 2

IPAHW 2018 Final Schedule – PDF form


Class Schedule



Recovery Meetup



Class: The Dog Pound (Is it your first time to IPAHW)

Hosted by: slave adeena

Description: This introduction class will help you navigate the wonderful world of IPAH.  Are you new to IPAH and don’t know what to expect?  This class is for you.  Are you looking to get the “inside” look at IPAH? This class is for you!  Are you looking to start the weekend off with FUN!!! This class is for you!  – Come Handlers and see that “puppy in the window!”  Come puppies and let’s bark together!



Class: Importance of Being a Trainer

Hosted by: Mistress Simone Worthington

Description: Labels help define us when we first start out in this life and when first meeting someone new. However, I hate to place spirits in cages so I do not feel labels are all defining on who you are. 
But for those who desire to know some of mine :
*Lifestyle lecturer and educator
*Leather title holder (International Trainer 2004, First Ms. Illinois Leather Pride 2008,Ms. Great Lakes Olympus 2008,International Ms. Olympus 2009)
*Alternative sexuality writer
*Kink Academy Educator
*Chicago ClubFEM Head Mistress – longest running branch outside of Texas
*Owner of The Studio, Chicago’s Premiere private playspace.
*Professional Dominatrix
*Author of “The Toy Bag Guide to Chastity”



Contestant Forum w/ Last Year’s Title Holders

Hosted by: Caressa lyric dunn, Pup Dodger and Pup Dane




Class: PAH Summit

Hosted by: Baus Yukon and Night Cat

Description: Guided community talk about some of the popular topics in our community.



Class: Erotic Wrestling

Hosted by: Pup Hercules

Description: Erotic Wrestling as well as Submission Wrestling can be a very fun and hot time. Plays very well into dominance and submission. Also puppies wrestle every day they are on the mats. I will basically use my experience in wrestling, judo, jiu jitsu to show everyone how to wrestle around with technique. My goal will be that everyone learns how to wrestle around safely without hurting each other by ways of erotic holds, submissions. Sexual abuse is also a very relevant topic today, so for the first time I will be showing way to fend off unwanted sexual advances.



Class: Extreme Ownership” – What a Business Book Taught Me About Being a Master

Hosted by: Master Jon & pup Ama

Description: Being a leader is not an easy proposition, whether you lead a slave, a project, or a platoon. Master Jon interprets the New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership and will discuss how the lessons of corporate and battlefield leadership make for more effective Masters, Trainers, Owners, and other such wielders of power.This class is intended to build confidence in leaders. For Trainers and Handlers, this means giving them tools and techniques to more confidently interact with their pups. For pups, this will let them clearly articulate their needs and desires to their Handlers and Trainers. For both, it means more quickly and effectively being able to share ideas and goals and make both more effective, and ultimately fun



Class: Autistic Leather – Negotiating the Social Minefield

Hosted by: boy kaz

Description: This half hour long lecture/workshop aims to provide an overview of the history of autism diagnoses and identities and what they encompass while highlighting the stereotypes that impact one’s experience in the community. I will then discuss my experience with the intersection of autism, queerness, submission, leather, kink, and consent. This will be followed by a Q and A surrounding social expectations of titleholding and the archetypal identities associated with the leather community while being autistic.



Class – Electro Play for Pups

Hosted by: Sir Miguel

Description: This interactive workshop goes over the basics of safe non-insertional electro play and how incorporating power exchange and puppy training can add a lot of fun and strengthen connections. We’ll explore violet wand attachments, body contact, electro rope, electro floggers, and show how everyday items can be used as part of a fun play scene



Class – Modify & Customize your Tail

Hosted by: Scott / Square Peg Toys

Description: Come get your paws on the newest innovation to come out of SquarePeg. Scott is bringing all the colors of his new PegAwayPutty™ for you to personalize your tails or bump up your plug to help it stay in easier or hit your button better. And it’s free! Works on any platinum grade silicone toys, so it doesn’t have to be a SquarePeg to work, bring it and personalize it!”




Mosh Pit and Play Area will have a ball pit (also open whenever vendors are open), pillow pit (yup…open with the vendors), and an Arf!Cade with some great pup-centric games/activities! 

Friday: 12pm-7pm

Saturday: 9am-4pm




Friday: 12pm-late

Saturday: 9am-late

Sunday: TBA by each vendor as they tear-down




Throughout the entire event weekend! Find a bootblack nearest you and get your shine on!!

Pup Roke is the head of BB scheduling